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When do I wash my face? Most of the experts say you should be washing it morning and night. But over-washing or not washing effectively are possibilities, especially if you have dry or oily skin, respectively. So you'll want to keep that in mind. Individuals with sensitive skin can more easily over-wash or over-exfoliate with abrasive cleansers, leading to irritation. Everyone should wash their face at night. You want to ensure that makeup, oil, dirt, and debris from the surrounding environment around you are washed away before you lay on your face all night long,

Going to bed with a dirty face is a recipe for disaster, meaning acne, irritation, or infection in some extreme cases. If you do not have overly oily skin, you may be able to get away without cleansing in the morning when you wake up. However, if you use heavy overnight creams, or wake up with your skin feeling heavy or greasy, it's best to wash your face

Tips to washing your face

1. Pull your hair back: You don't want strands to get in the way.

2. Wash your hands: "Do not wash your face with dirty hands

3. Use lukewarm water: "Make sure the water is not hot. Otherwise, it can dry out skin

4. Wet your face depending on the product: Depending on your cleanser, you either apply your cleanser first or you wet your face first.  Apply directly to your skin and massage in light, circular motions. If using a foaming cleanser, you should dampen your face first and lather a dime size of cleanser in between your palms until you get a nice foamy consistency. You should cleanse your skin for 30 seconds to a minute.

5. Gently massage in the cleanser: Use a circular motion with medium pressure is best to focus on problem areas like the T-zone. Don't forget the hairline, jawline, and even behind the ears and down the neck.

6. Time to rinse: Rinse your hands clean of your cleanser and wet them with water, and then rub the water in upward motions all over your face.

7. Dry your face: After cleansing, it's best to pat your skin dry with a clean towel designated for your face and not your body.

Keep in mind, if you're wearing a lot of makeup or your face is filthy, you might want to consider doing a double cleanse. Before adding water to your face, use an oil-based cleanser to wash off your face. Clean and dry your face, and then use a water-based cleanser to remove any remaining oil and debris. Most cleaners should be massaged throughout the face, neck, and chest for at least a minute.

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