How often do you have sales?

We sometimes have store wide sales in some of our online locations. We inform our newsletter mailings members of any upcoming sales and promotions.

Do You have a brick and mortar store?

No. We do not have a storefront shop set up for "shopping". We are an internet based business. We are a very small home based business only set up to do business on the internet.

YOU CAN PLACE SECURE ORDERS ON LINE ORDERS 24 HOURS A DAY - SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! (when we are not on a holiday schedule or if we are closed)


Do You Do Custom Orders?

Yes we do. I have done custom orders for wedding showers, baby showers and graduation. Must provide enough time to process these orders and a small deposit is required. If you have a particular scent that you like, shoot me a email and I can get it for you and make your favorite item with that scent.

What is the shelf life your products? 

Most of our products have preservatives. Why? Well if a products is made with water, we always use a preservative. Water in products don't last very long even if kept in the fridge. It can create mold and we don't want mold in your products. Other items we use Rosemary Oleoresin Extract which is great for extending the life of oils. It is a natural extract used to retard rancidity in natural oils. This extract is added to our oils when they are fresh. Preservatives are also added to our sugar scrubs even though they are not made with water, sugar scrubs are used in the bath and shower and when used like this, moisture can get into jars and thus possibly creating mold if a preservative is not added.

Our soaps do not have preservatives but we now include ROE (Rosemary Oleoresin Extract) to help extend the life of the soap. As with any oils, they do go bad after a while as our soaps are made with just oils. It is best to use your soap within a few months of receiving it to ensure freshness. Do not leave your soap in the packaging. Open and put in a cool dry place. Heat and humidity is not a friend to handmade soap.

We do not store premade scented products on our shelves as you would see in stores. Why? It is because we have always allowed our customers to pick and choose the scents they want instead of selecting from the options that are available. This way when you receive your order it is freshly made at the time you order it. Some items are made ahead of time in bulk like our lotions and creams but we do on pre-scent our lotions and package them to have them sitting on shelves. I know most companies do this as it is so much easier to just grab the item they need when ordered to speed up processing but we do not do this. For business that do this, you have no idea how long your item has been sitting.