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Creamy Goats Milk Bubble Bath 12 oz ~ Click To Select Scent

Creamy Goats Milk Bubble Bath 12 oz ~ Click To Select Scent

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This is a rich creamy sulfate free Goat's Milk bubble bath. It has wonderful cleansing properties and the benefits of goat's milk. It is mild for sensitive skin. Goat's milk contains Vitamins A, B, C, & D, and it is high in vitamin A which is helps repair damaged skin tissue. Alpha hydroxy acids that is in goat's milk are makes the skin possess a more youthful appearance and they do this by assisting in the removal of dead skin cells.

This creamy goat's milk contains triglycerides (fats) that are nourishing to the skin and readily absorbed. It has long-lasting fluffy bubbles and your skin will feel very soft as it contains organic extracts such as Calendula, Chamomile, Ginseng root, Horsetail Lemon Peel and Sage Leaf extracts.

This is available in a variety of our most popular scents, but if you prefer a specific scent, please email me and I will be more than glad to customize your bubble bath for you.

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